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OSPA is proud to spotlight the work of Lee Harris with Putnam City Public Schools. 

Lee Harris has always been an excellent change agent for students with his unique perspective of a seasoned special education teacher turned Nationally Certified School Psychologist.  He passionately promotes Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and best practices for academic instruction and intervention.  Even in the midst of COVID-19, Lee has not wavered from his activism efforts and has remained focused on legislation and policies that support best practices and the field of School Psychology.  He has written personal letters to legislators (with both data and eloquence!) to address specific policies and highlight needed change or improvement.  Even during the crisis when legislators were busy, Lee was persistent in having a personal meeting (virtual- but still face to face) with his representative not only to discuss his concerns, but to present solutions and offer his assistance to implement change.  He called the office at least 5 times- not allowing the circumstances or the initial evasiveness of his representative deter him.  This commitment exemplifies utilizing his skills to advocate for NASP Domain 5:  School-wide Practices to Promote Learning, not just within his buildings, but outside of the school in the offices of lawmakers.  His actions to gain a school psych ally and to broker a cooperative partnership towards action speak to his skills within Domain 7:  Family, School, and Community Collaboration.  OSPA would like to recognize Lee and commend him for his unwavering advocacy efforts, even while navigating the implications of COVID-19.  Even in the storm, Lee continues to keep his sights on his true north and pushes bravely forward as a champion for students.          

OSPA is offering two FREE webinars to support Oklahoma's school psychologists during COVID-19

In lieu of our Spring 2020 conference, we have released these FREE webinars (see below!) for you to view at your convenience. We hope these webinars will provide you with resources as you navigate your role as a school psychologist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To receive NASP-approved CPD credit (1-hour for each webinar), you must complete the corresponding Code-Word Form and Evaluation Form. Click on the links below to access the forms. At the start of each webinar video, Dr. Sara Rich has included detailed instructions for completing these forms. When you have viewed the webinar and submitted both forms, we will email you documentation of your CPD credit. Please allow some time for us to provide your documentation.

School Psychology Services in the Midst of COVID19 (Presented by Dr. Sara Rich) - Webinar Links

Code-Word Form-School Psychology Services...

Evaluation Form-School Psychology Services...

NASP Resources & Support Overview During COVID-19 (Presented by Dr. Erika Olinger) - Webinar Links

Code Word Form-NASP Resources...

Evaluation Form-NASP Resources...

School Psychology Services Webinar

NASP Resources Webinar

OSPA Mission Statement

The Oklahoma School Psychological Association serves its members by advancing the standard of the profession of school psychology and by providing opportunities for professional growth.  We represent the membership by promoting the education, mental health, rights, and welfare of children and youth. 

OSPA Believes...

  • Comprehensive school psychological services are necessary for the mental health and educational needs of children and youth
  • Children need to experience success: advocate their rights and needs; respect and value the uniqueness of each child and promote practices to ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • Assessment practices should be linked to intervention
  • The family is an essential partner in education;
  • Promotion of ethical standards, best practices of the profession, and an understanding and awareness of the profession
  • Collaboration with related organizations and allied professionals

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What is a School Psychologist?

School psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. They collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community for all students.

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